Tilbury 2

The proposed Tilbury 2 Port was to be constructed on land that formed the western part of the old Tilbury Power Station. The intentions for the site were for it to be developed with a RoRo Terminal as well as a specialist Construction Materials & Aggregates Terminal, which would also have facilities to produce asphalt and concrete products.

On the marine side, an existing jetty on the river needed to be lengthened to accommodate three vessels at any one time and the onward transportation of goods by barge to London.

This project was a new client for CDD so we were really pleased to be appointed to undertake RC Detailing of the various bases, foundations and slabs. Despite being a new client, the logistics of creating the RC Detailing for a water based location were not new to us so we knew what additional factors to allow for that are not present in purely land based construction projects.