Always Read The Label

If you’ve worked with us, you’ll know our process by now:

You provide the design intent,
We detail to your requirements and send you drawings and schedules,
You carry out your design check – bar sizes and C/C’s etc,
We incorporate any comments you may have and re-issue,
We all agree and high-five,
You issue to your client.
We all go home!

But we know that mistakes happen, and things get missed.  No matter how thorough you are, it’s easy for a small detail to slip through the cracks. 

Like we said, mistakes get made. On-site mistakes equal time, and on construction projects, time definitely equals money. If the programme is tight, you will probably be counter- charged if the contractors has teams standing around because of the delay due to incorrect drawings or schedules.

From day one back in 2011 we have always carried Professional Indemnity insurance and to date a claim has not even been mentioned never mind made against us as we do such a thorough job. Whilst we hope never to be in a situation where a claim does occur its good for our clients to know we carry all the necessary policies should the worst every happen – we are not going anywhere.

Our services are covered up to £1 million for each and every claim so they’ll never cost you any more than the fee you paid. We wouldn’t be where we are if our service wasn’t excellent. But more to the point, we know that YOU are the most important part of our business and we’ll do whatever we have to for your peace of mind.

Can many RC detailers say that?