Are We Still On The Same Page?

As with any business, there’s always going to be competition – it’s even healthy to have it so we’ve never been overly concerned about our competitors. That isn’t arrogance – it’s that we really enjoy working with our clients, and we must be doing something right as you all keep coming back.

One of our main competitors is the overseas market. It’s no secret that you can get cheaper drawings abroad. But sometimes, you have to provide so many details you may as well have drawn them yourself and changes are never just a quick turnaround. It could be a days for minor updates to be incorporated which could cause a delay on site. 

They don’t have the CDD Approach…

When we produce your RC drawings, we do this using clients Revit models.

We extract all the information from your Revit models which includes plans, elevations and sections,
If the views are not produced, we will use your Revit model to produce extra plans, elevations and sections where required.

We save our clients so much time it tangibly reduces the overall RC detailing cost when you factor in how much time / money you save when you don’t have to provide information for us. I’ve forgot how many time the project engineer has said to me they can’t send the GA’s at the moment as all the technicians are on other projects – we will gladly do this for you at no extra cost!