Cards On The Table

Have you ever seen a cracking offer advertised, only to find out it wasn’t as glorious as they made it sound?

We lay our cards on the table from the outset

Only need a handful of drawings?

We’ll raise them on a “per-drawing” rate and provide a cap on the number of drawings – kind of a maximum fee but you pay less if we do less!

More than a handful of drawings?

We quote the project outright at on a fixed-fee. No need to worry about the tab racking up for additional drawings; with CDD everything is covered under the original fee proposal.

From the start, you know exactly what your RC drawings will cost. We’ll even throw in reasonable changes; we won’t be sending you monthly timesheets for updates on top of on our fixed fee’s. No hidden costs. No gimmicks. No fuss.

Tell us what you need and leave it with us.