Tilbury 2

The proposed Tilbury 2 port will be constructed on land that formed the western part of the old Tilbury Power Station.

The site will be developed with a RoRo terminal and specialist construction materials and aggregates terminal, which will also have facilities to produce asphalt and concrete products.

On the marine side, an existing jetty on the river will be lengthened to accommodate three vessels at any one time and the onward transportation of goods by barge to London.

Active Travel Cycleway Bridge, Newtown

The new 60 metre span bridge is due for completion in 2020 and will link the north and south sides of the River Severn, making for ‘green’ travel and convenient access to local businesses.

Paddington Station (London)

CDD Ltd were appointed to undertake various aspects of RC detailing. The Cross Rail Paddington Station will take the form of an underground box measuring 260m long, 25m wide and 23m deep, and located directly under Departures Road and Eastbourne Terrace. Construction will generate 160,000 cubic metres of excavation, 80,000 cubic metres of concrete and […]

Gatwick Airport (London)

A 1,100-space, multi-storey Car Park, comprising one ground floor level, plus six raised levels, at Gatwick Airport North Terminal. CDD Ltd were appointed by the Consulting Engineer. The works included Precast beams, columns, cores and floors.

Castleford Interchange

CDD Ltd were appointed to undertake RC detailing of all concrete elements on the projects which included foundations and ground slabs. This bus/heavy interchange project requires close liaison with a large number of stakeholders including Metro, Wakefield MDC, Network Rail and Northern Rail. The new facility will incorporate a single fully enclosed concourse giving direct […]

Bond Street Station (London)

CDD Ltd were appointed to undertake various aspects of RC detailing Bond Street is in the heart of London’s West End, the busiest shopping district in the UK – serving tourists, residents and businesses in the area. More than 155,000 passengers use the existing Tube station daily. When Cross rail arrives in 2018, passenger numbers […]