Crusader Works

CDD Ltd were appointed to provide the RC Detailing for this regeneration project.

The £25 million development was to turn the disused factory into a new city centre residence, with over 200 new apartments. There would also be a new landscaped courtyard with provisions for 201 cycle parking spaces. Crusader work posed a unique opportunity, offering an exciting change to regenerate a central Manchester site steeped in history and character.

As this was a client we’d worked with already over many years, they knew that providing the RC Detailing for regeneration projects was one of our forte’s! If you need RC Detailing for your regeneration projects get in touch as we’ll be happy to help. Our 3D Reinforcement services are particularly helpful in this capacity too, as they can help you envisage the end result and some of the logistics required in order for you to get there.