Doncaster New Performance Venue

New Performance Venue located on Doncaster. Fully reinforced concrete structure with basement and fly tower walls, CDD Ltd were appointed by the Consulting Engineer.

What’s in the box?

a great 620-seat theatre featuring class acts and top performers, great sightlines, crystal-clear sound, comfortable seats and the best ice-cream.

a second auditorium flexible enough to show live bands, comedy, drama and dance, off-the-wall comics and off-the-ceiling cabaret artists.

a stunning dance studio – for anyone who wants to dance for fun, to get fit or to find new challenges, and for watching dance performance too.

a super little drama studio, for workshops, rehearsals and very close-up performance.

an edgy drama studio, for workshops, rehearsals and intimate performance.

a foyer café/bar, to meet your friends, have a coffee, buy your tickets, catch some music and watch the world go by in the new public square.