Don’t let Rebar Weigh You Down!

You’ve already got plenty to keep you busy so uncertainty on rebar tonnage is a liability none of us need.

CDD have always tried to be innovative with the services we offer – it’s a part of what drove us to the forefront of our industry and what has kept us there since. When we submit our reinforcement drawings and schedules, at your request we will provide a summary or detailed reinforcement report of your rebar weights (either in PDF, or Excel format for the folks who’d love another thrilling spreadsheet!).

These reports are provided free-of-charge with our drawings to help you monitor tonnage easily.
Our reports give your team the tools they need to gauge tonnage quickly and easily. Our reports provide clear quantities and if the design changes we reissue the reports with the revised drawings. If you’ve worked with us before, you’ll already know that we want to make our clients’ lives better, but where we can’t manage that we’ll settle for making your life easier.  Let us make your life easier!