Earls Gate

CDD Ltd were appointed to undertake RC Detailing of all concrete elements including the heavily reinforced bases and walls from the pile caps, through to the slabs, beams and columns.
Planning was obtained in January 2017 for a 215,000 tonne per annum facility to provide a replacement Combined Heat Power Plant (CHP) facility to support the Earls Gate Energy Centre (EGEC).
CDD had worked extensively with this client before over a number of years, so we were already familiar with this type of project, but this one was a particularly ambitious one which can bring many challenges which our experience helped with. The intention was to provide a high quality residual waste solution built using the best available proven technology in the world.

The heat and power generated by the plant was to be used to support four different chemical operators in the Earls Gate site. The plant was replacing an old gas fired plant with the heat and power off-take making the Earls Gate plant one of the most efficient in the UK, helping to drive the shift from fossil fuels to heat and electricity from renewable sources. This type of project particularly appeals to us as it combines years of experience with a passion for integrating new systems, which always needs significant contemplation on how everything will work together once built and it’s always a pleasure to see the end result in operation.