Is Our Industry Going To Need Stronger Reinforcements?

Ok so we couldn’t resist that one, but now that the construction industry is opening its doors again, we were intrigued to know how it really is out there.

Obviously there are no shortage of updates from the media and the government, but as with anything of this size, there’s always a lag in the filtration process. The emphasis has been on the running of the sites to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic taking over.

But as you’ll no doubt know, whenever we even hear the word recession, the construction industry takes a beating that is much harder hitting. When the economy isn’t confident – neither are our clients, and let’s be honest – this isn’t a confident economy we’re sitting in right now.

We’re not ones to sit and wallow though – the ‘guesswork gauge’ isn’t one we all want to construct our entire businesses on over the next twelve months or so, is it?

We thought we’d ask the wider audience for some ground level feedback. Ask what the reality actually is…

Give Us The Lowdown And We’ll Share It…

The nature of our business and how we choose to do things at CDD means that we attract a real variety of clients. From one man bands to some of the largest consultants / contractors in the UK, what we do applies to all sectors of the construction industry so we know that not many things in this are a one-size-fits-all.

Our client base is so varied we thought it may be helpful (and we’d certainly find it interesting!) to put a simple quiz together for you guys to spend less than 1 minute on, and we can feed back the results in another article in a few weeks once we’ve had a chance to see what the lay of the land is.

Let’s share a little insight with a few quick questions. We know you are busy so we have designed a 4 question quiz which would give us all a snapshot of what’s happening at foundation level. All you literally need to do is have a quick mosey at what’s below and reply with your four answers.

Note – so that we could keep this short and sweet, we thought the best gauge
will be for you to feed back what you currently think your rate of recovery will be from this on an operating level.

Take The COVID Quiz