Laindon Centre

CDD were appointed to undertake the RC Detailing of the basement , ground floor podium, cores and columns for this project.

Laindon Centre is a residential development including the demolition of the existing shopping centre and providing 88 new Community Land Trust (CLT) freehold houses, 136 residential flats split over five blocks and the creation of a new high street with retail units.
We’d already worked with this client before, so were excited to be providing the RC Detailing on this project as it was the largest podium we’d detailed before. It was a significant project and projects of this scale always have considerations that aren’t always obvious so our experience definitely came in handy here! RC Detailing for demolished ground on this scale requires additional logistics to ensure the tall structures being built over it have all aspects covered so if you need any help on the RC Detailing for regeneration projects, get in touch.