Sheffield Hallam Campus

CDD Ltd were appointed to undertake all aspects of the RC Detailing on this project.

Sheffield Hallam University Collegiate Campus was a major £25 million investment project which would create impressive new facilities in the leafy grounds. The development would result in a completely new building in place of the current Heart of the Campus, with a new café, glazed atrium, lecture theatre, study areas and social spaces. The three storey building would be 7,200 square metres in size and mainly used by students and staff from the University’s faculties of Development and Society, and Health and Wellbeing.

We have provided RC Detailing for university campuses for years, and this was a long standing client so we were more than happy to help. It wasn’t a small project but it was definitely within the remit of what we regularly see, so it was a simple process for us. If you need your construction projects simplifying, it helps to work with people you can trust!